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hand crafted coffee

We put a lot of time and research into learning how each region the coffee comes from along with how it’s grown and processed affects the flavor in each green coffee “SEED”. We then use the roasting process to bring the natural flavors out of the coffee. We dedicate great time and attention to developing a roast profile for each individual coffee that allows the greatest potential for the “Character of Flavors” to come out. Every coffee we carry has a specific character and through the roasting process (time and temperature) we bring out the best in that coffee, just the way God intended it. 100% pure & 100% delicious!

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Sustainability In Every Cup

Our beans are sourced green and fresh from all over the world. We focus on supporting small family farms and Co-Ops that empower women in the industry, this allows us the greatest opportunity to positively impact the farmer directly when giving back and keep transparency when sourcing. Blended sources and roasts only 100% pure Whole Bean Coffee.

Tip The Farmer

At Blended Coffee Roasters, we focus on the craft, quality, and experience of every cup of coffee. Our roasting process is environmentally conscious, and our beans are sourced directly from farms all over the world. Clean coffee and clean roasting bring you the best tasting coffee possible. Coffee farmers around the world are paying more to produce coffee than they are able to sell it for, which makes it hard for farmers to derive a living income. Bellwether launched Tip the Farmer™, a first-of-its-kind program, that helps farmers earn a fair wage and invest in their own futures. Blended proudly supports this cause with every bag of coffee purchased. To offer additional support, please go to

our story

Blended is the story of a passion driving someone to take a chance. It’s a story born out of hardships. Our goal is to give you the same care and energy in each cup of coffee that we put into our work every single day. We strive to be the best version of ourselves and aspire for wellness in not only each other but our planet. Blended wants you to see how much we care about you, the community, the world, and the product with every sip.