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At Blended Coffee Roasters, we focus on the craft, quality, and experience of every cup of coffee. Our roasting process is environmentally conscious, and our beans are sourced directly from farms all over the world. Clean coffee and clean roasting brings you the best tasting coffee possible.

Sustainable Coffee

Sustainable coffee makes an impact on the farmers we source our beans from, and here’s why it matters.

Most of the farms we source our coffee from are family owned and operated. These farms often operate at a level of poverty, so much so that future generations don’t want to continue the operation.

When you choose Blended Coffee Roasters, and our sustainable coffee, you are directly impacting the farmers in two ways:

  1. A percentage of what we pay for green coffee gets paid directly back to the farmer.
  2. A percentage of our earnings on products sold by Blended Coffee Roasters gets paid back directly to the farmer.

Many of the farmers we source our coffee beans from run green practices and the only thing preventing them from being certified Organic is the cost to do so.

When you choose sustainable coffee, you are directly impacting coffee farmers all over the world.

Meet The
Bellwether Roaster

The Bellwether Roaster is the most sustainable coffee roaster in the world, both in air quality and energy use, enabling Blended to roast coffee while minimizing the environmental impact. Traditional gas-powered coffee roasters send smoke, particulates, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—similar to those found in aerosol sprays—into the air with every roast cycle. With the United States alone producing over 8 billion pounds of roasted coffee every year, the harmful impact of these emissions is not sustainable for our planet or healthy for the people who live on it.

Coffee farmers around the world are paying more to produce coffee than they are able to sell it for, which makes it hard for farmers to derive a living income. Bellwether launched Tip the Farmer™, a first-of-its-kind program, that helps farmers earn a fair wage and invest in their own futures. Blended proudly supports this cause with every bag of coffee purchased. To offer additional support, please go to

We Are Your Coffee Roasters

Eli was on auto-pilot, knowing he wasn’t at his full potential. Blended Coffee Roasters gave him a chance at redemption, to follow his passion to bring something he knows will not only improve someone’s day but the world. Eli and Brie Reis started Blended in a time of hardship.  Theirs is a story of resilience, of bouncing back, of strength. And they want each cup to give you the same energy and passion to reach your goals.

Creativity & Consistency

Creating timeless coffee blends on a Bellwether Roaster is empowering. With Bellwether’s proprietary Roast technology we have full control for all roast profiles. This allows us to specifically dial in a roast profile that compliments the character and better develops the flavor of the specific coffees. This process is repeatable, adjustable and traceable, ensuring consistency while supporting creativity. More to the point, this all helps us bring the best version of our coffees to help you be the best versions of you!