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Do you have a question about our locally roasted coffee? Comments or concern? Just want to talk about your day? Whatever it may be, we’d love to hear from you! Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly to answer anything and everything you’ve got for us. Can’t wait to talk soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after roasting will my coffee ship?

1-3 Days


What is your strongest coffee?

Brazil & Costa Rica, which we use in a few our our Blends. The Dark Side is our Strongest Blend. If you prefer a Single Origin and the Roast Profile is the most important to you simply select “The Solo” with a roast profile of Full & Robust and we will send you out one of these options or similar.


What is your lightest coffee?

Rwanda Nyampinga. It is a single origin custom roasted between a light and a medium roast.


Which coffee is closest to a breakfast blend?

Colorado Morning Blend


Where’s the best place to store my coffee?

Room Temperature if consumption between 0-2 Weeks. If you are a slower drinker you can store in the freezer to maintain freshness.


Do you accept returns?

Contact Us if unhappy with your coffee and we will send you another bag at no cost to you. No need to return the bag you have to us! Your satisfaction is massively important to us here at Blended. Quality is our objective and we want that to be your experience.


What makes your coffee so special?

It’s the cleanest version of the best sourced coffees. Every step of coffee production, from the farmer to us (the roaster), has the purpose to improve the quality of life and create better coffee. We call our Roaster the “Mad Scientist” as he has a magic touch with flavor combination and a delicate hand with roast profiles. He instinctively uses his experience and natural ability to create roasts that stand above the rest.  

Questions? Ideas? Concerns? Reach out! We’ll get back to you ASAP!