blended coffee roasters

personalized coffee bags

Coffee breaks all language, cultural barriers and subtly binds humanity. Show your clients and professional partners how much you value them by giving them the “leave behind” everyone wants– a personalized coffee bag, with high quality coffee and your logo. Using the highest quality beans, and the cleanest roasting technique, this high quality coffee is sure to be a hit.

personalized coffee bags for your business

You work hard to build your business and maintain relationships. We make it easier to have a monthly touch point with your important business relationships, without being annoying. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose either 12 bags or 24 bags per month (3 month subscription minimum).
  2. For your first order, we set up your label, send you a free proof for approval.
  3. We roast the finest seasonal beans and blends and create your custom bags.
  4. We ship the bags directly to you. Each box will have a variety of coffee, not just one type so it’s an easy conversation starter to ask your clients (or potential clients) what they like.
  5. Repeat!

This is a subscription based service with a 3 month minimum subscription. As a small business, we’ve found this is what makes sense for both us and our customers.

personalized coffee bag label being designed

it’s all in the details

  • Each label is customized with your logo, and a slogan or additional text.
  • One time $50 setup fee
  • 12 eight ounce bags per month: $200
  • 24 eight ounce bags per month: $300
  • $25 standard shipping cost each month
  • No two months will be the same coffees because we choose only freshest, seasonal beans
  • First order turnaround time: 7-10 days
  • Recurring order turnaround time: 3-5 days
  • RUSH service available–just ask!

premium coffee + your logo

Top of mind awareness that reaches your clients 7 days a week.