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Home Brew Blend

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Character of Flavors:
• Caramel
• Fruity
• Sweet
• Chocolate
• Orange
• Nutty

Grower: Regional family owned farms in Brazil & Papua New Guinea
Variety: Mondo Nuovo, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, & Typica
Process: Pulp Natural & Washed
Region: Various
Elevation: 1100-1500m

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Why we love it: This Brazilian coffee blend is dynamic in its character and will have your senses traveling through the round and creamy to sweet and juicy and then back again. Perfect for a quality batch brewer, though different brew methods transform the character a bit, giving you a slightly different sensory experience depending on how you choose to create with it.

From the roaster: From the Indonesian Islands to the largest coffee-producing country in the World this Blend of flavors truly spans the globe. The deep and rich flavor that comes from the Pulp Natural process of the Brazilian, combined with a sweet, juicy, and savory mouthfeel that is generated by the higher humidity, island mountainous Regions of Papua New Guinea makes for a great all-around coffee that never disappoints. This Brazilian coffee blend is most definitely the favorite in our home and quickly becomes our most ordered coffee. Take the time…create and enjoy!

The impact: Partnering with Benchmark Coffee Traders and the Rainforest Alliance really channels the support resources to where they can have the greatest impact on the community and the coffee they produce. From free housing, healthcare and education to growing the practice of organic based farming. You buy and we give!



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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 7 in


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