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Trio Sampler


African Dawn Sampler

Region: Various Regions in Africa
Elevation: Various Elevations

Why we love it: We love African coffees, they are diverse and adaptable to almost any brewing style. Coffee producers from these Regions do a great job during production, either adapting the process to enable the coffee to absorb some of its flavor character from the environment or perfecting the process to deliver exactly how the coffee was meant to taste.  Uganda & Ethiopia are better suited for a pour over brewing or a cold brew extraction method, bringing out that delicate flavor character with intention.  While the Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi are a little more developed and are very versatile, playing well with all brewing methods.

From the roaster: This Custom Sampler is a cultural tour across a vast Continent, and the flavor of these coffees are as unique and different as the Regions they originate from. The Uganda and Ethiopian are roasted on the lighter side and my favorite brewing method for these two beauties right now is pour over. Iced or hot you can't go wrong, the brighter notes and refreshing mouthfeel will keep your palate pleased. The Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi are very versatile and enjoyable across brewing methods, temperatures and creation preferences. Embrace the process. Find your favorite. Enjoy Africa my Friend!

The impact: Spanning across the African Coffee Belt, the positive impact is real! From increasing skill and pay in little known Burundi, to new community classrooms in Ethiopia, building a centralized washing station in Uganda to help communities expedite coffee production, and training the women in Rwanda produce quality coffee as a means to prevent economic and social hardships, the coffee you buy makes this happen. Thank you for partnering with us!!!

However long the night, the dawn will break. -African Proverb



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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 7 in